Plenty Humanwear

Founded in 2008, Plenty Humanwear is a Canadian company based in Quebec City. Their roots come from the snowboard, skateboard and surf industry. The whole idea about Plenty Humanwear is that we wanted to make its North American heritage speak again so that people can learn from the past through our collections. 

It's our #INSPIREDBYALL culture.

Plenty Humanwear will be showing at the KNOWSHOW Vancouver and KNOWSHOW Toronto. 

Arcade Belts

Arcade continues to reinvent the belt category with our line of go anywhere, do anything, always comfortable belts. Built from the ground up with performance and function in mind, Arcade belts feature materials meant for the outdoors that stand apart from rigid leather, stiff webbing, and cheap logo-stamped crap. Better for skating and snow pants, hiking and hybrid shorts, we focus on better design and stronger materials to change the way you think about belts. The new standard in belts has arrived.

Arcade Belts will be showing at KNOWSHOW Vancouver.


Burton pioneered a lifestyle into the mountain landscape during 1977 that became the mantle of innovation and progression – whether it’s the product or the perspective. Burton is synonymous with snowboarding, and has driven its reputation through iconic products like the Feelgood and Custom snowboards and equally timeless pieces like the Day Hiker Pack. The craftsmanship of their product transcends seasons to their Durable Goods collection of bags, clothing and camping gear with the adventurous soul in mind.

Burton will be showing at KNOWSHOW Vancouver.


For over four decades, Fox has been the global leader in motocross and mountain biking gear, with a lifestyle apparel collection for men, women and youth. Fox outfits the world’s best competitive action sport athletes and enthusiasts with products that combine innovation and style. Born from moto and raised on the trail, Fox has Dirt in their DNA.

Fox will be showing at KNOWSHOW Vancouver and KNOWSHOW Toronto


Rip Curl is a company for, and about, the crew on The Search. The products we make, the events we run, the riders we support and the people we reach globally, are all part of the Search that Rip Curl is on.

The Search is the driving force behind our progress and vision. When crew are on the road and chasing uncharted reefs, we want to arm them with the best equipment they’ll need. No matter where your travels lead you, we'll have you covered. 

Rip Curl will be showing at KNOWSHOW Vancouver.

Gentle Fawn

GF CAFE JPG-498retouched.jpg


Founded in 2003, each Gentle Fawn collection combines a modern feminine aesthetic with a bohemian flare. We incorporate seasonal color palettes, distinctive prints and subtle details to make our styles effortless and unique. Gentle Fawn promotes a zest for the West Coast way of life, our girl is a quiet beauty with a free spirit and a creative soul. 

Gentle Fawn will be showing at KNOWSHOW Vancouver.