RIP - Peter Sullivan

It’s been said that, in the end, we all die in the middle of a story.  Some of us in the middle of of many stories. In the case of Peter Martin Sullivan, many many stories.

I’m not sure when Peter got in his mini truck and drove to California from Vancouver in 1993 that he had a plan. But he was constantly making one.  All he ever said to me everyday in that tiny hot Glendale warehouse was “I can do whatever needs to get done”. And he could and he did. And he never stopped doing that. He continued to get stuff done and get it done better than it had been before. His business success was testament to how hard he worked and how well he did things. He was constant progress, his story always getting bigger and more interesting.

He was humble and he liked constantly learning. He loved his friends and was incredibly loyal to all of us.

He loved his family deeply and never stopped talking about what a good home Louise, his wife had made for he and his three children, Sofia, Miles and Owen.  He was thrilled to tell stories of any adventures the five of them shared.

I only heard him speak of being frustrated and defeated one time. It was about three weeks ago and it was about his illness and the long hard battle he had been in.

Peter lost that battle on July 5, 2015.  But his story will continue to thrive.

Rest in peace, friend. Your strength, will, passion, loyalty and humor will be greatly missed by so many.

- Megan Baltimore

Our thoughts are with Peter's family and all of our colleagues at Supra Distribution at this time.

In lieu of flowers, Peter's family is asking that you kindly make a donation to the rebuilding of Ambleside Skatepark , a project near and dear to Peter’s heart.